"Our goal is to have volunteers coming directly to us with the purpose to help us in our daily life at the orphanage"

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Volonteering at Weep Not Child Foundation

Our goal with this project is to offer a group or an individual to get a chance to visit our orphanage directly without any intermediaries, all that to make volunteering less expensive. You will volunteer at our orphanage whenever you want and under your terms. We will offer you to be with us as much as possible during the days at the orphanage but we will
never force you to do anything. You are here on your terms and you choose how
much you want to contribute during your visit. 

What you will do for us
We will give you great knowledge of how our daily basis works and you will above all work with the kids. You will also get an insight of a new culture and learn to handle
situations that you are not familiar with. Those possibilities that we are
accustomed in the Western world are not the same here, which makes the problems
more complex. At the same time that you will learn from us, we will learn from
you and that makes us understand your culture as well. We need you and the help
that you can give us.

Weep Not Child is undermanned because of financial reasons which makes it hard to give our kids the attention that they do in fact need. If you choose to contribute and support us
with your time and your willingness to work, you will be a part of a constant process that helps our organization to stay alive. Without these sacrifices and donations from the volunteers, we wouldn’t be were we are today. And for that we are deeply thankful.

At the same time that you contribute with your passion for helping you will get the opportunity to be a teacher for the kids. We would be grateful having you sharing your
knowledge about everything that you find interesting. We can also offer you the
chance to volunteer at the hospitals and the communal schools if that’s
interesting. If this is something you find interesting you can just ask and we
will help you.  There are also possibilities to discover Ghana as a tourist and we are willing to help you with everything you want us to. You can also travel to other places after you
been at our orphanage if you feel that you want to see more and travel around.
We will make sure that you visit will get as good as it can be.

Living situation
You will live in one of our special rooms for volunteers, which is located in the same building as the owners, Comfort Abandewor. By living on the orphanage you will get closer tothe kids and it’s also convenient because you are helping us with our daily
routine. The rooms has electric power an air conditioner. We only have five
beds in the volunteer’s rooms, three in the first room and two in the other, which limits the possibilities to have more than five volunteers. You can choose how you want to live, if
you want to work alone or with other volunteers, everything to make your visit
pleasant for you.

The formal
We will not take any extra charge  and we don’t demand anything. If you want to give us any donations we are deeply grateful for that, small and big ones. Because there are no intermediaries in this process we will offer the cheapest opportunity for you. You will pay your flight ticket yourself and a amount of 400 $ a month for food and houseroom.  We are demanding this small amount of money because we have to. We are careful with the food that we have because there are days when the kids don’t get any food. Practical, we can’t give you free food and houseroom because then we are taking jobs from the people who
live in Ghana. There is tens of thousands who would like to work for free to
get food and houseroom. That would cause a conflict between volunteers and people
in Ghana.

We will contribute with support before the trip with visa and such if you wish. You
will be able to call, text or e-mail us if you have any questions at all. We are always available for you. When you are here you will live with Comfort and Alhassan, the founders of Weep Not Child. Together we will do all we can to make you feel safe.


We do not take any extra charges for your stay besides the cost for food and accomondation. You pay for the flight to Ghana and for your stay. If you wish to donate something besides your work and time it is up to you, we are thankful for anything.

Plane ticket : around 1200-1400 $
Price for accomondation and food per month : 400 $